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Every week you will have access to a Rome Reports programming that includes the latest information on the Pope, the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

Evangelicals apologize to Catholics for past persecution and discrimination During his visit with an evangelical pastor and his congregation in the Italian city of Caserta, Pope Francis apologized for the persecution of Pentecostal Christians by Italian Catholics. From: romereports Views: 98 14 ratings Time: 01:20 More in News & Politics
U.S. State Department releases country-by-country analysis of religious freedom Another grim milestone for humanity. 2013 was one of the worst years for the displacement of entire religious communities around the world. A comprehensive report from the U.S. State Department tracked down the state of religious freedom in nearly 200 countries. From: romereports Views: 31 1 ratings Time: 02:15 More in News & Politics
Pope sends off Cardinal Francesco Marchisano in funeral Mass Dozens of prelates and people that knew Cardinal Francesco Marchisano attended his funeral on Wednesday at St. Peter's Basilica. From: romereports Views: 160 5 ratings Time: 01:06 More in News & Politics
Michael Perry: From a guitar playing teen to the Head of the Franciscan Order He was a regular teen from Indianapolis who loved to play the guitar. Now, Fr. Michael Perry lives in Rome and is the Minister General of the Franciscans. From: romereports Views: 149 6 ratings Time: 02:11 More in News & Politics
Vatican releases Pope's travel dates for visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines
Vatican releases Pope's travel dates for visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines From January 12 to the 19th, the Pope will visit these two Asian countries. From: romereports Views: 1048 27 ratings Time: 01:32 More in News & Politics