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St Joseph Recurring Gift FAQs

Q1: What does it mean to be a recurring gift partner?

A: Becoming a recurring gift partner means your monthly payment continues indefinitely. You no longer have to worry about when your current pledge ends. Your credit card, debit card or bank account is automatically charged each month. No more checks to write or mail—saving you time and money. Plus, we’ll send you only one mailing at the end of each year to confirm your ongoing gift and verify personal information.

Q2: Does the recurring gift option only apply to monthly payments?

A: We encourage monthly payments so you make an impact all year long, and because it helps us meet the regular flow of expenses throughout the year. Quarterly or once-per-year recurring gift options are available.

Q3: Am I eligible to receive ’thank you’ gifts?

A: Yes! When you create your recurring gift during a pledge drive, you will be eligible for the ‘thank you’ gift at the pledge level equal to your total donations for your membership year. Every year of active membership after, you will be eligible to receive an exclusive St. Joseph themed ‘thank you’ gift at that pledge level. (‘Thank you’ gifts will be different each year.) If your gift is made outside of a pledge drive, you will receive the suitable St. Joseph ‘thank you’ gift for every year of active membership.

Q4: Are there other membership benefits?

A: Yes! (1) Each year, we will offer St. Joseph Feast Day Masses for all members and their intentions (March 19 and May 1). (2) We actively review membership, and when we have enough new membership support to equal one day’s worth of pledge drive income need, we will permanently give that day back to our listeners as regular programming. You can gradually help us eliminate pledge drive days for good! (3) Lastly, we provide exclusive leadership email updates to interested partners.

Q5: How can I create my recurring gift?

A: You may create your gift in these ways: (1) Use our on-line donation form. Choose the “Recurring Gift” option and specify your monthly payment amount. (2) During a pledge drive, tell the volunteer you’d like to create a “Recurring Gift.” (3) Use one of our mail appeal forms and check the “Recurring Gift” option. (4) Call our Donor Relations team at 1-877-291-0123 and ask to create a “Recurring Gift.”

Q6: How do I make changes to my gift, payment or personal information?

A: To make any changes to your gift status or to update your payment information, please call our Donor Relations team at 1-877-291-0123. If after business hours, you may leave a message.