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St Joseph Recurring Gift Program

rc-brochureFor centuries, we Christians have honored St. Joseph — foster-father of Our Lord Jesus — for his quiet, reverent, obedient and generous witness to his Family; and in doing so, to the universal Church. With humility, Joseph accepted the call to heroic sacrifice to help bring God’s gift of salvation in Jesus to the world. It is the same call in every age.

Each day we have the honor and privilege to witness the heroic sacrifice of our supporters — so that we in turn may bring our united gift of Faith to thousands of listeners whose lives and destinies depend on God’s Love.

We depend on your generosity. Your support equips us to be a leader of the New Evangelization in our nation — when life, faith and family increasingly need defending.

Like Joseph, we earnestly strive to become more perfect stewards of the gifts and talents entrusted to us — so that more souls can be redeemed in Christ, our Hope.

Therefore, we invite you to become a recurring gift partner. Your regular, continuing support will allow us to spend more of our resources — your dollars — on programs and future needs, and less on pursuing needed funding. The following details explain this giving method.

The RECURRING Advantage:

  • Less mail, expense, and pledge drive dependency.
  • More reliable, long-term support and faithful Catholic programming

Recurring givers are some of the Relevant Radio network’s most
dedicated supporters.

Our friends know how important it is to bring Light into the world’s dark places; and Catholic radio is surely a beacon in the dark landscape of contemporary media content.

By becoming a recurring gift partner, you agree to contribute $10 or more each month through automatic deductions from your credit card, debit card or bank account with no specified end date. That means continuous membership for you without the inconvenience of renewal appeals or reminders from us. It provides a stable source of income for Relevant Radio and reduces both expense and (gradually) dependency on on-air pledge drive fundraising. You can change or cancel your gift anytime. Bottom line? More of your investment goes to winning souls for Christ and His Church!

Recurring Program Highlights:

• Uninterrupted membership!
• Freedom to change or cancel gift anytime!
• Eligibility to receive ’thank you’ gifts!
• Mass intentions on St. Joseph Feast Days!
• Only one year-end appeal/update letter and an annual tax receipt each January.


Learn More: Recurring Gift Q&A 

Recurring gifts continue without interruption and may be changed or cancelled anytime by contacting our Donor Relations Line at (877) 291-0123.