The Joe Sikorra Show, November 27, 2017 – Hour 1

On today’s show:

  • Father Dave describes “famine” people and “plenty” people. How has generosity changed your life?
  • Researchers studied the concept of ownership, comparing that of short time and long term periods. Those that give away items that have been owned for a long time actually feel better about themselves.
  • Joe tells about when he laid out all of his bills that he couldn’t pay and offered it up to God. Father Dave points out that the wine and bread is the work of the community; God transforms it into His Body and Blood during the mass. He can take our work and make it more. Caller: We were facing homelessness, but our church helped us.
  • Joe speaks about the power of the name in relation to generosity. Caller: I learned generosity from my mother. She would always be generous with others. When we had hard times, others helped us.