The Patrick Madrid Show: December 6, 2017 – Hour 3

On this hour of the show:

  • Caller: Heidi’s mother has become hostile toward her since she converted to Catholicism. Is there something she can say to set boundaries?
  • Listener email: Peter’s son’s girlfriend is not Catholic but attends mass with them and asks for a Christmas gift book recommendation. She’s a biology major.
  • Recommended read: Life Issues Medical Choices by Dr. Janet Smith and Dr. Christopher Kaczor
  • Caller: John asks if Eastern Orthodox Church uses the same Bible as Roman Catholics
  • Recommended read: Where We Got the Bible by Henry Graham
  • Caller: John asks why we pray for mortification? Why do prayers talk about accepting suffering?
  • Caller: Dana asks why we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25th when there has been research saying he was born in the spring?