St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, November 30, 2017

On today’s show:

  • Father shares manuscripts of previous drafts of the Catechism before its approval. Father reflects on deception and how people have deceived him in the past. He shares a story about being deceived as a young seminarian.
  • If a priest reveals confidential information from the confessional, he is automatically excommunicated. The UK and Australia are calling for priests to be compelled by civil law to break the Seal of the Confessional.
  • Father reflects on the beginning of the trend of growing a beard in baseball. He discusses ritual in baseball. Email question what is the importance of ritual? How does ritual differ from superstition? Ritual unites us externally. Father recommends a book by Pope Benedict XVI, “The Spirit of the Liturgy.”
  • Father discusses the letter of Paul to the Romans, Chapter 10, and reads it backwards.