The Patrick Madrid Show: January 11, 2018 – Hour 2

On this hour of the show:

  • New Roe v. Wade movie in the works featuring Dr. Alveda King, Nick Loeb, Jon Voight
  • Caller: Marie doesn’t like when people say “follow me on social media” because it sounds like when Jesus said “follow Me”
  • Caller: Sarah has 6 kids and will only give her kids flip phones
  • Caller: Patrick points out when he was a kid it was expected that he be at a place at a certain time and that was that.
  • Caller: Jessica has seven kids aged 2-16yrs. She has given her older child an iPhone but there are parental controls built in that take away his ability to browse the internet
  • Caller: John says schools now require kids to have cell phone
  • Patrick reminds kids to respect their parents for getting through school without Google. They had to read books.
  • Caller: Andrew is 30yrs old and shares that his dad introduced him to porn when he was a kid. It ruined him and he wants to thank and encourage parents who are strict on protecting their kids.
  • Patrick shares when he was first exposed to pornography as an 11 year old
  • Caller: Allison shares her cell phone rules for her four kids. She also says parents need to listen to their kids and not force them to be involved in certain activities.
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