The Patrick Madrid Show: January 11, 2018 – Hour 3

On this hour of the show:

  • Campus Reform asks Antifa protesters the definition of fascism but no one can answer (audio)
  • Caller: Angel shares that he found a porn magazine under his son’s mattress and replaced it with the Bible. It worked and his son was grateful.
  • Listener email: Emily asks why the Church is more concerned about abortion than other issues, why the Vatican doesn’t sell it’s lavish properties, and why being spiritual but not religious isn’t good enough.
  • Bishop Schneider: Catholics must be prepared to be martyrs for their faith
  • MIRACLE: Preemie left to die when freak accident saves her life
  • ‘Boiled’ bats fall from the sky as heat wave grips Australia
  • Patrick explains the difference between animal instincts and human behavior. He explains how they shouldn’t be the same.
  • Caller: Ernesto asks about Romans 9:14-24. Is God saying he didn’t love one of his created beings?