The Patrick Madrid Show: February 12, 2018 – Hour 2

On this hour of the show:

  • Standing up for virtue: Vice President Mike Pence and evangelist Billy Graham model policies to avoid scandal. How can we avoid the near occasion of sin?
  • Perfect love casts out fear
  • Caller: I think that artificial Intelligence will bring tremendous benefits to society.
  • Health and life-expectancy in America is going down, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention due to alcohol and opioid addiction.
  • The death of atheist Christopher Hitchens
  • Being in the state of grace and the importance of remaining in friendship with God
  • Caller: What’s the difference between a valid marriage and a sacramental marriage?
  • Caller: Can we know when a person gets out of purgatory? When should we stop praying for them?
  • Caller: Life expectancy would improve if Americans would eat healthier