Do you believe in miracles? The Miracle Hunter interviewed by Megyn Kelly

Michael O’Neill, host of The Miracle Hunter® on Relevant Radio®, was interviewed for a special ‘Faith in America’ segment on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show on Wednesday, March 28. He joined the show LIVE in studio to discuss the existence of miracles and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the only Church-approved Marian apparition in the United States.

Michael O'Neill on the Megyn Kelly ShowO’Neill started as an engineering student at Stanford University, but ended up devoting his life to the investigation of miracles. He says that he received the inspiration to research miracles from his mother and grandmother. “Miracles can be a point of inspiration. It can be the bridge of a gap from what people believe and what they experience. You can get to know God in a deeper way through miracles.”

“These are things that have happened throughout the centuries, and I like to research whether they truly happened or they didn’t. I’m a skeptic as much as I am a believer, but I like to get to the bottom of it,” said O’Neill. He told Megyn Kelly that for a healing to qualify as a miracle, it has to be serious condition with an instantaneous, complete, and lasting cure. There can be no medical explanation for the healing.

The Megyn Kelly TODAY show visited the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help last week to gather footage of the shrine and its history. “In 1859, a young Belgian immigrant claimed she saw the Virgin Mary three times. A church was built on the site soon after,” reported Kelly. “Exactly twelve years later, the deadliest fire in US history devastated this entire rural area but left the grounds of the church untouched.”

The Miracle Hunter“The fire came all the way up to the fence of the shrine and the people were gathered and they were praying for the intercession of the Virgin Mary that she might spare them,” explained O’Neill.

Megyn Kelly asked O’Neill to explain why the Virgin Mary chose to appear in a rural area in Wisconsin. “This is such a great place of peace and of prayer, and people come from all over the world. When I do my radio show on Relevant Radio, the phones light up whenever we talk about Champion, Wisconsin and this miracle, because everybody loves a good miracle story and that is the place of miracles in the United States,” O’Neill told Kelly.

“This place is really my heaven on earth,” said Daniel Brossart, volunteer and parishioner at the shrine.

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