The Patrick Madrid Show: March 9, 2018 – Hour 1

On this hour of the show:

  • Florida weighs seceding from daylight saving time
  • Allie Beth Stuckey goes off on the NRA for being responsible for killing millions of children, but then realizes something ironic…(Audio)
  • ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ is the latest dangerous online trend
  • Can North Korea be taken seriously re: agreement to meet and seize nuclear weapon?
  • Caller: Lincoln says Americans are so blind that we spend so much energy on issues that become miniscule when compared to the problem of abortion
  • These are the world’s 10 richest women in technology
  • Listener email: Anonymous writes because his father-in-law wants to become Catholic but doesn’t want to give up his membership to the freemasons
  • Recommended read: Why Catholics Cannot be Masons by John Salza
  • Recommended read: Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge by John Salza
  • Caller: John has a coworker who thinks Bill Gates is a great philanthropist but he pointed out that he donates to abortion/contraception