Go Ask Your Father for May 30, 2018

Guest Host: Archbishop Bernard Hebda Live from St. Joseph Catholic School in West St. Paul, MN

Student Question- Archbishop, do you have a favorite saint, and have you ever met someone who has become a saint?

Student Question- Why do men and women have different roles in the Church?

Student Question- When and how did you know that God wanted you to be a priest?

Abp Hebda Question to Student- The 8th graders at Saint Joseph’s were recently confirmed at the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Can you tell us why it is important to you to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Aph Hebda Question to Student- You are a parish school and the Church of St. Joseph is blessed to have an Adoration Chapel, which just celebrated 25 years of perpetual adoration. Tell me about your experiences visiting the adoration chapel.

Student Question- Archbishop, people often say after someone dies that you now have a (new) guardian angel in heaven. Do you think this is true and if not, why do people say it?

Student Question- What is your prayer life like and how does God speak to you?

Student Question- How can I grow closer to God and understand him better?

Abp Hebda Question to Student- I hear that St. Joseph’s has a strong STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Tell me about a favorite project or activity you completed in the STEAM classroom and what you learned.

Abp Hebda Question to Student- I’ve heard that your school has an outstanding fine arts program and that you recently performed the musical, Mary Poppins. How many of you were in the show? What was your favorite part?

Student Question- Archbishop, is it ever okay to use a phone or text in Church?

Student Question- What are the biggest challenges of an Archbishop and has it changed you?

Abp Hebda Question to Student- I understand that you came to St. Joseph’s in 6th grade, transferring from a public school. Tell us about what you have experienced in a Catholic school and what do you most like about it?

Abp Hebda Question to Student- You have been at St. Joseph’s School since its first preschool class 10 years ago. Tell me about the community of Saint Joseph’s School and what it means to you.