A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas, June 26, 2018

On today’s show:  “Two Major Supreme Court Rulings: Analysis & Impact”

  • Guest, Sidney Powell (Link: https://licensedtolie.com/): Supreme Court Travel Ban ruling; what the justices specifically stated, what they didn’t decide outside of strict jurisprudence. The ruling speaks to the pure letter of the law; court upheld legality of the travel ban based entirely in Constitution.  We have to know who is coming into this country; court noted that it was extremely important for the President to be able to vet those coming into this country.
  • Guest, Jim Campbell (Link: Link: https://adflegal.org/detailspages/blog-details/allianceedge/2018/06/26/free-speech-wins-supreme-court-rules-pregnancy-centers-can-t-be-forced-to-advertise-for-abortion), Alliance Defending Freedom: Supreme Court NIFLA ruling, major victory for CA pregnancy help centers, free speech; decision enables pregnancy care centers in other states to get similar laws struck down.  Court’s decision on florist’s religious freedom:  court issued an order to wipe the decision of the lower court and asked the court to re-hear the case in light of the recent Jack Phillips Masterpiece Cake Shop religious freedom ruling.
  • Guest, Clare Vanegas (Link: Link: https://omcsocal.org/) : ‘Medical Clinics of Southern Calif.’ firsthand accounts of coerced abortion advertising in pregnancy help centers; relief in NIFLA Medical Clinics of Southern California’s goal is to serve every woman (and man) who comes to their clinic.
  • Guest, Penny Nance (Link: Link: https://concernedwomen.org/): Concerned Women for America praises Court’s wisdom in rejecting forced speech, conscience rights; pro-lifers don’t have to advertise for abortion. Day of rejoicing in front of the Supreme Court today. Elections matter; this was a 5-4 decision – Gorsuch played a key role in returning this decision.  Decision sends strong signal to other states:  expect more challenges to conscience rights.