A Closer Look with Sheila Liaugminas, June 8, 2018

Today’s Topic:    Mental Health, Suffering, Suicide

  • Francie Broghammer: ‘Dying of Despair’; New CDC report on rising suicide rates, causes, responses; how CA bishops respond in ‘Hope and Healing’
  • Loneliness is plaguing America — celebrities are not immune. 40% of Americans report being lonely; 20% of those say they have no one to turn to. We need to take each opportunity to engage and live in community.  Social media contributes to a false sense of togetherness; it’s not a replacement for interaction.  “We’re all alone and together.”  Small steps are key to build community; no one will ever fault you for reaching out.
  • Caller: Kathy:  Lonely people in nursing homes – why are they “lonely” with so many other people around?!
  • Religion and mental health issues. Help and change is taking place at the community and parish level.  No one person is expected to fix the problem; but each of us can go home and engage – have dinner with your family!