Father Simon Says for June 13, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Queen Jezebel, and how the Prophet Elijah dueled the prophets of Baal.He then talks about how this a convenient religion quickly turns to a worship of self.

Email Comment- The significance of the fig tree that Jesus cursed.

Email Question- Is it possible to thwart God’s plans?

Caller Question- Can I pray to my grandchildren who passed away by miscarriage?

Caller Comment- I had a very simple wedding, and our marriage lasted many years.

Word of the Day- Jot and Tittle

Caller Comment- I would like to thank the man who called in to as if we can pray to our deceased baby grandchildren.

Caller Question- What does the plucking of one’s beard mean?

Caller Question- How can we know if an evil spirit is bothering someone?