Go Ask Your Father for June 13, 2018

Msgr. Swetland talks about St. Anthony of Padua.

Email Question- When should we leave Mass? After the Recessional Song?

Caller Question- What should I do about people talking before Mass?

Caller Question- Can I receive Communion from an Eucharistic Minister who arrives after the Gospel or homily?

Caller Question- Is it okay that I leave Mass right after the blessing? I’m older and have a hard time driving?

Caller Comment- At our parish, we have a tradition of saying an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be after each Mass for the next person to die in the parish.

Caller Question- Should we kneel at the Consecration? What if there are no kneelers?

Caller Question- Why do we not have a period of thanksgiving after Communion anymore?

Catechetical Corner- Pope Francis’s Wednesday General Audience- The Rich Young Man

Caller Question- What is the history of saying the St. Michael Prayer after Mass?