Go Ask Your Father for June 14, 2018

Caller Question- Do I have to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet during the 3pm hour?

Caller Question- What should my friend do if her husband is mentally ill and abusive? Should she stay with him?

Caller Question- What did Jesus mean when He said “I will not drink of the fruit of the vine again until I do again in the Kingdom”?

Caller Question- Follow up: Can a woman get a divorce if she is in an abusive marriage?

Caller Comment- Scott Hahn’s Lamb Supper is a good resource for wondering about the Passion.

Caller Question- Is it okay to be married to someone who doesn’t share our Catholic faith?

Caller Question- Doesn’t the Catholic Church not necessarily think that divorce is a sin?

Catechetical Corner/Email Question- Should I attend training sessions at work that teach about sensitivity to LGBT persons? How should we respect those dealing with same-sex attraction?

Caller Question- Does going to Mass on Saturday night fulfill the Sunday Obligation?

Caller Question- How far should our compassion to those with same-sex attraction go?

Caller Question- What does Jesus mean by the Kingdom of God in Last Supper?