The Joe Sikorra Show, June 25, 2018 – Hour 1

On today’s show:

  • Joe discusses patriarch Job’s bitterness, and how the prophet Samuel handled the bitterness of Saul. Are you engaging in behaviors that are taking you down a dark hole. Are you bitter? Is it because you are holding on to unforgiveness?
  • Caller: My husband has cancer and is taking medication that makes him more cranky and irrational. Sometimes I just have to leave and I just drive. Joe shares a story about being tired and frustrated. He shares about his sons’ degenerative neurological disease.
  • Joe discusses an interaction with a bitter friend. Caller: I’m bitter because when my mother died, my sister didn’t allow me to buy the estate.
  • Caller: How do I know if I am bitter? My mom left when I was young, and then my father died.