The Patrick Madrid Show: June 14, 2018 – Hour 2

On this hour of the show:

  • Caller: Cindy responds to Brenda’s call. She was raped at 18 while homeless, but she had the baby and today is her 43rd birthday!
  • Caller: Chris is the victim of rape and had her child, gave him up for adoption.
  • Caller: Mary thinks there was disconnect between Patrick and Brenda’s call.
  • Caller: Charlie asks if all people are children of God
  • Caller: Mike thinks Brenda wanted some sympathy
  • Guest: Patrick Coffin performs a magic trick on the air
  • Caller: Fatima’s mother died in childbirth and she knew that would likely happen. She chose life anyways
  • Caller: Craig asks what percent of abortions are due to rape