Go Ask Your Father for July 13, 2018

Msgr. Swetland talks about how Christ is the answer to all of our desires.

Caller Question- Can you help me defend annulments to my friends who don’t understand?

Caller Question- How would my son, who is in the Air Force, go about becoming an Air Force Chaplain?

Caller Question- My niece is engaged to a divorced non-Catholic. Does he need an annulment?

Caller Comment- Thank you for your good work!

Caller Question- Is a marriage that takes place in front of a Justice of the Peace valid?

Caller Question- If someone has an addiction, are they committing mortal sin every time?

Caller Question- Can I show non-intimate affection to my partner, if we are not married, but I am going through an annulment with my previous marriage?

Caller Question- Who is responsible for St. Joan of Arc’s death?

Catechetical Corner- Objections to Prayer.

Email Question- Do we have to get tatttoos removed if we have repented?