St. Joseph’s Workshop with Father Matthew Spencer, July 13, 2018

On today’s show:

  • Friday the 13th, Our Lady of Fatima, and “King Friday XIII”. Croatia excels in the World Cup – but pride hampers the performance of many players. How often does pride keep us from spiritual growth? Doing what we were ordained to do. The example of St. Joseph and St. Mary.
  • Father tells about doing a dump run for Mt. St. Joseph – and the guilt of throwing things away that might just possibly be useful. Tippy Thowell, graphic designer, promoter of the “Zero Waste” movement. Couldn’t we harness this energy for a more urgent purpose? The gift of God’s grace, and the renewal of our souls.
  • Ariana Grande’s loss of faith, revisited. No, the Church has NOT issues an encyclical on Sponge Bob Squarepants, or on Harry Potter. Ms. Grande uses fake news as justification. A note on Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. The theology of “God is a Woman”. The human tendency to remake “god” in our own image. Man has always wanted to be “god”, since the original sin.
  • Our responsibility to share the Faith with others. What is it that makes it difficult for us? Must one be an apologist to evangelize? Is it fear of being ostracized? Jesus told us that we would perform miracles – but also that we would face persecution as well, “like sheep among wolves” (Matthew 10). The gift of the Holy Spirit. Get out there and share the Gospel; “. . .don’t worry about what to say. . . “