The Patrick Madrid Show: July 13, 2018 – Hour 2

  • Patrick discusses how the whole world population could fit in Texas
  • Caller: Ed says Patrick is biased and didn’t like how he criticized Gov. Cuomo the other day. He thinks we need to value life that is already born.
  • Caller: Joe talks about the separation of families at the border
  • Caller: Susan says the cruelty to families Joe sees is the result of a bandwagon ideology that the media puts out
  • Caller: Dante is 11 years old and likes watching MMA fighting, but wonders if he should stop because they cuss often
  • Caller: Maria is Latin American and she supports building the wall. She thinks too many Catholics are picking and choosing what beliefs to accept
  • Caller: Tony shares that his dad immigrated illegally from Mexico and got caught. He never complained about getting deported because he knew the consequence