Mary’s Message for a Time of Crisis

As the scandals of the sexual abuse crisis continue, many Catholics are wondering where to turn and what to do. Just as children run to their mothers when they are scared or confused, so we as Catholics should turn to our Blessed Mother to help us process this difficult time in the Church.

Michael O’Neill, host of The Miracle Hunter® on Relevant Radio®, stopped by A Closer Look™ to discuss Marian apparitions, and what we can learn from Mary during this time of crisis.

“There is a call to conversion, whether it is a silent apparition or a weeping statue as happened in New Mexico just this past month,” O’Neill said. “People wondered, ‘What’s the significance for a weeping statue here in the United States?’ Of course there are no messages to give us clarity, but it could be no clearer in my mind why she was weeping ahead of the recent revelations.”

O’Neill explained that in all of the apparitions approved by the Church, Mary’s messages include a similar theme. “She is truly asking us to reform our lives and draw closer to Christ,” he said. “That’s her role in these apparitions.”

“We’re going through such difficult times in our Church right now, but we really need to look at the gold standard of all Marian apparitions, which is Our Lady of Fatima, which we celebrated the 100th anniversary of recently,” O’Neill continued.

O’Neill encouraged the faithful to look to the children of Fatima to see how the Lord, through Mary, calls each of us to a particular response and a particular path to holiness, even in confusing and troubling times.

“When we look at the Fatima message we should be like Francisco who consoles Jesus in these difficult times. We can pray for the conversion of sinners as Jacinta did. And we can be faithful to our respective states in life as Lucia was. This can all bring us closer to Christ and bring life to the body of Christ.”

A Closer Look host Sheila Liaugminas agreed with O’Neill about the messages of Mary, and how they can be helpful to us in troubling times. “It seems like in different places of the approved apparitions … there have been different ways that she says what she says to the different, usually young, people,” Liaugminas said. “But what seems to be common to them is certainly to repent, be converted, and to follow her Son. She calls us to Christ and she calls us to conversion of our own lives. We should look at all the problems that are going on, but we need to start with ourselves.”

Listen to the full conversation below:

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