The Drew Mariani Show August 10th – Hour 1

  • There was a recent piece of artwork that was done which is very blasphemous against the Virgin Mary. It depicts a porn star resembling our Blessed Mother, and Drew condemns this heinous attempt to mock our Catholic faith. One of the reasons why this is so offensive is because there would never be any way that any artwork would ever try to make fun of Muslims, so Drew asks why it seems like our culture is so willing to attack our faith. Rick Henshaw is someone who has been covering this story, and he discusses where the line is drawn in terms of art crossing over into mere blasphemy.
  • However, many callers remind you that in times like this where our faith is mocked in public, we must remember to never give up and shy away from the truth in Jesus. Christ even said that there would be ridicule here on Earth, but that we shouldn’t despair, but instead should remember that He is always with us and for us.
  • David Carollo also stops by to discuss the Fatima revelation with Drew, and to provide insight on our Blessed Mother’s apparitions in Akita as well. Even though the 100th anniversary of Fatima has concluded, we cannot forget Our Lady’s message of prayer and sacrifice. This must continue moving forward, and David tells you more about how to maintain awareness of the message of Fatima and how to implement it into our daily practice of faith.