The Drew Mariani Show August 10th – Hour 3

  • Did you hear that Argentina took a stand for life? The country struck down legalized abortion, and Drew will fill you in on all the details.
  • Also, have you heard that the UK is considering having homeless people have a bar code that you can scan? Because we live in a world where not many people have cash anymore, this is thought to be an alternative to provide them with money donated through smartphones. Do you think this is a smart idea, or does it carry a sort of degrading or cheapening weight to it?? Drew will tell you more about it and discuss how to effectively help the homeless with Deacon Jim Vargas. Deacon adds that there are many factors that cause people to fall into homelessness. These include drug addiction, mental illness, and falling into financial difficulties in expensive areas like San Diego or LA. Many are just unable to afford to live in these well-to-do cities, and many unfortunate situations occur because of it.
  • Kick off the weekend with Drew and the crew as they enjoy a live Happy Hour with you! They talk more about giving to the homeless and the best way to go about it. Drew asks if anyone has ever encountered Christ in someone, such as a person living on the street. He tells you about a time in Confession that he believes He encountered God. Have you ever met a guardian angel in your life? You can share the story at
  • Drew, Patrick, Wendy, and Jake also share the grossest food they have ever eaten. Drew explains that eating crickets actually has some health benefits to it, but Wendy blatantly refuses to ever try them. She shares a story of the time she had a very less than desirable food with some past co-workers.