The Drew Mariani Show August 16th – Hour 1

  • If you are feeling let down because of the abuse crisis in the Church and don’t know where to go from here, listen to what Dr. Ralph Martin has to say. He addresses that we need to focus on not just the abuse of minors, but also the homosexual problem which is a root issue too. He encourages us to return back to sexual morality. There was so much dissent of Humanae Vitae after it was released, and Church officials failed to recognize how immoral sexual perversion truly is. Presumption of God’s mercy is also an issue that has led to the problems we have now.
  • We do need to remember that there are so many good priests who have been sullied into this scandal, and they have lived out their vocation to the fullest. But Sebastian calls in to say that we as a Church need to get serious about addressing this problem.
  • Bishop Ronald William Gainer of Harrisburg discusses the PA Grand Jury report that was released in his diocese. He asks you to remember that this report encompasses around 70 years of priests who have served in the diocese, most of which were before 2000. About 32 or 33 were priests in his diocese, and others were religious orders or other priests from different areas. Yet he contests that we must be sure that this type of scandal does not happen any more, adding that there is no way to “paint a rosy picture.” His excellency cites the measures that are being taken to assure that potential seminarians are better screened before entering into the seminary, such as psychological testing and human personality assessments. In the 1960s and 70s, seminarians were just required to do well academically and follow the rules, so it was so much easier to become a priest.
  • Bishop Gainer notes that the media has helped him to transmit this information, and he wants to tell victims that he is sorry on behalf of the Church for what happened to them.