The Drew Mariani Show August 16th – Hour 2

  • We invite you to trust in the mercy of Jesus and believe that no matter how far away you might have strayed, He is always waiting for you to come back. One way to receive the graces that God wants to bestow on you is by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Join Drew and thousands of other listeners who would love to pray for you! You can email your intention to
  • Remember Jack Phillips the cake baker? He refused to create a cake for a gay couple because of his faith and morals. Sadly he is facing pressure again because he did not want to make a custom cake for a transgender who wanted to celebrate his gender transition; this might go before the Supreme Court when Judge Kavanaugh is finally in. If that happens, it would most likely help his cause, so Alliance for Defending Freedom is representing him and claiming that he is being harassed.  Jeremy Tedesco from ADF says that he is being targeted for his faith and being treated with hostility for his moral stance.
  • Do you believe that miracles happen? Many media outlets often fail to admit that they ever do, but some at ABC News have claimed that a miracle happened for the “bionic priest!” Fr. Esequiel Sanchez was on the Aeromexico Flight 2431 which crashed on Tuesday, and he lives to tell his miraculous story of survival. Meet him on the show as he relives the event with Drew and admits that he is lucky to still be alive. The plane should not have taken off; he could “feel the landing gear buckle,” yet God in His infinite mercy spared his life. He is actually at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Des Plaines, IL; you can find more information about a pilgrimage here.