The Drew Mariani Show August 16th – Hour 3

  • You probably wouldn’t label Elizabeth Warren as a capitalist, but she told CNBC that she is, and she believes that she would do a better job of helping the middle class than President Trump is currently doing right now. She said that she would transfer wealth from big corporations and give them to workers, not just focus on shareholders. Do you think this idea would truly be of benefit to the middle class? It’s called the Accountable Capitalism Act, and Thomas Storck weighs in on this and suggests that Catholics should rethink their stance on wealth, responsible corporate financing, and distribution of the rich. Drew presses him and asks how CEOs would continue to have incentive to do their work well if they were not given more money than other colleagues. He explains that corporations should not be treated with so many rights as they do now.
  • Allison Ricciardi will be doing a webinar to inform you about the benefits of essential oils next week, and you can learn how your health can be improved through this remedy. She explains to Drew that this natural medicine should not be completely lumped into the New Age category. Yes, some companies do represent these oils in an inappropriate manner… But oils are entirely accepted in Catholic teaching and scripture; it is literally mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible! (Both Old and New Testaments.) We need to have  common sense and realize that these oils can provide us with scientific resources to truly help and heal us in our stressful lives.