The Drew Mariani Show August 17th – Hour 1

  • The scandal of sex abuse from the Grand Jury Report in Pennsylvania has left many reeling and wondering what is next. Have you wondered what you can do as a lay person? Have you been wondering what is next? Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, gives you insight on his experience with the 2002 sex abuse scandal and how it translates into the latest sex abuse scandal, saying that the Church needs to be transparent, commit to a zero tolerance policy, and report abuse immediately to local law enforcement.

  • What has been your reaction to the sex abuse scandal? Are you angry? Maybe sad? Maybe you feel betrayed. These are all very understandable feelings to have about the scandal. Father Dominic Legge gives you a solution to the issue and explains how these priests became abusers. Plus Father Dominic takes your calls on how you feel about the scandal and what you might think the solution is moving forward. He reiterates how important it is for the Church to form good, holy priests who honor their call to celibacy and take virtue seriously. He talks to Eric who is struggling with his potential vocation to the priesthood because he had a difficult time in a religious community years ago, where he faced pressure to give into sexual sin. He is now considering applying to his diocese for seminary but doesn’t know if he will face this again.