The Drew Mariani Show August 28th – Hour 3

  • Drew talks about the power of conversion and wants to hear your story of conversion; have you or a loved one ever returned back to the faith? What prompted you to do so? Drew encourages one caller who has a drug addicted family member to not give up hope and to trust that Christ makes all things new. One caller from Tennessee testifies to that and says that her daughter is recovering from her addiction and doing well in rehab, all because of God’s grace. Carlos from LA is still struggling with addiction, and very sad that he recently lost his daughter to an overdose. Pray for him and his daughter’s soul in you have a moment, and remember that Christ can always work the impossible.
  • Ann Cavoukian joins Drew to discuss startling revelations that companies like Google and Facebook are able to track you and obtain data even without you realizing it! Learn what you can do to keep you and your kids safe online.
  • Drew also talks about a new report he saw that says that coconut oil may not be as much of a health benefit as he thought!