The Drew Mariani Show August 29th – Hour 1

  • Did you know that STDs are on the rise for the 4th straight year? Some of these diseases are up 76%, and many of these diseases are becoming immune to our antibiotics. So how did we get here? We were told this would liberate women and that contraception would protect us. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse tells you about the sexual revolution and explains why these diseases are on the rise. She also shares her own personal story of being affected by the sexual revolution.
  • What do you make of Archbishop Vigano’s comments about Pope Francis? Did the Pope know about sexual abuse and cover it up? +Vigano is now under fire as he himself might have been involved in a sex abuse cover-up with John Nienstedt in the Twin Cities. What will happen with +Vigano? Will the Vatican be the target of his claims? What does Vatican law say about the issue? Dan Cheely gives you the latest on +Vigano’s defense and shares what he thinks might be the outcome of his situation.