The Drew Mariani Show August 2nd – Hour 3

  • Where do you stand on gun control? Should Americas be allowed to print a 3D gun from a blueprint on the internet? Does denying Americans access to printable 3D gun blueprints violate your second amendment rights? Does it violate your first amendment rights? Dr. David Kopel gives you the latest on this issue, how the case has been settled, and and how it affects your rights as an American.
  • A doctor calls in to argue that it does not violate either amendment whatsoever.
  • How do you feel about the death penalty? Pope Francis has made a change to the Catechism that says that the death penalty is now no longer acceptable in any case. Does the Pope have the authority to make this change? Does the death penalty actually work as a deterrent to crime? What about the Old Testament’s use of the death penalty? Msgr. Stuart Swetland gives you the latest on the Pope’s statements on the death penalty and what it means for the church moving forward.
  • Frank from Chicago disagrees with the Pope, saying that God commands the death penalty in the Old Testament.