The Drew Mariani Show August 31st – Hour 1

  • If you are frustrated and disillusioned by the Church and her leaders right now, you are not alone. However, do you still support Pope Francis and respect his leadership? Dr. Mark Miravalle pleads with you to remember that he is still our Holy Father, and that we need to be praying for him, all other clergy members, and victims who have been abused. He acknowledges that what has happened with this scandal is an absolute tragedy and justice should surely be done. However, he reminds you that instead of staying angry and letting it lead you into anger and bitterness, you should pray and fast for the truth to come out. Jack from Philly argues that while we should never hope for a schism in the Church, deep purification needs to be done. This will be a lengthy and painful process, and Jack says we need to assure that the Church does not revert back to past problems. Dr. Miravalle agrees that we need to hold leadership accountable, but to pray that the Church never results in a schism. This would devastate the Lord if unity is broken. “This isn’t us vs. them,” Miravalle adds. We are one Church through all of this, he explains.