The Drew Mariani Show August 31st – Hour 2

  • Are you looking for some sort of healing in your life? Are you troubled by what has happened in the Church and don’t know how to respond? We must remember that Jesus is the Lord of everything, including our hurts, worries, fears, and troubles. Whatever you are holding on to today, give it to Him. Join Drew for the Chaplet and ask the Lord to give you and the Church grace and healing.
  • Dr. Robert Enright speaks about the power of forgiveness. Do you struggle with forgiving that person who has hurt you? Drew and Dr. Enright remind you that we will all go through that experience of being hurt by another, and we must follow the Lord’s mandate to forgive. Dr. Enright tells you about one woman named Nancy Shore; her husband cheated on her and then also hired a hitman who tried to kill her. Yet because Nancy was a follower of Christ, she chose to forgive him. Drew talks about how we was able to forgive someone who hurt him in his business years ago. We must follow Christ’s radical example to let go and not hold on to bitterness. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that we will stay friends with that person who has wounded us; it doesn’t even mean that we will totally forget what they did. Rather, when we forgive we are not strangled and held down in chains by the anger. Ask Christ to give you the grace to forgive that person today.