The Drew Mariani Show August 31st – Hour 3

  • Have you ever stolen something, lied, or cheated? Did you ever make restorations for those actions beyond going to confession? A waitress in Arizona stole over $1,000 during college and recently paid back the money to the bar she worked at. Father Richard Simon explains the importance of reparation and gives you guidance as to when it is and isn’t appropriate to provide it. One mom in particular feels guilty because she feels like she helped her son to cheat on a scholarship opportunity, and wonders if she needs to do something to make it up. Hear what Fr. Simon has to say to her on that.
  • Why do you go Mass on Sunday? Is it for the sermon? Do you go because that is what you have always done? Or do you go for the true presence of Jesus Christ? Father Dwight Longenecker explains the importance of Sunday Mass and we want you to hear other listener stories of why they attend Mass. Betsy from California called in to admit that she struggles with going to Mass and finds the evangelical churches more appealing. Fr. Longenecker reminds us that we don’t go to Mass to be entertained but rather to give ourselves to God.