The Drew Mariani Show August 9th – Hour 1

  • Did you hear that InfoWars, the controversial alt-right website/content creator was removed on many platforms such as Google and Facebook? Do you believe that this is an infringement on free speech? Drew makes it clear that he does not in any way agree with what Alex Jones, the founder of Info Wars, has said about events such as Sandy Hook. However, he expresses concern that this move by Google, Facebook, and others will set a precedent for things to come in the future. For instance, what if Relevant Radio becomes singled out by these platforms because of our stance on marriage and life? David French agrees with Drew and adds that there really is no official way to judge whether something is “hate speech.” Leslie from Austin calls in to say that a new social media platform should be created that only allows kindness and respect; it’s unfortunate that Facebook gets ruined because of a few people who use it the wrong way.
  • Drew talks to Matthew from IN. Matthew reminds you of the movie, The Social Network, which made it very evident that Facebook began objectifying people as soon as it was launched, and it shows that we can never truly satisfy ourselves if we try to use social media to make us look perfect or have it all together.
  • How often do you get robocalls? What do you do when you get them? Drew shares that these are straight up scams and can often try to swindle people. In fact, Americans receive 2.4 millions of these calls a month! They don’t even care if they are breaking the law! Political campaigners and debt collectors are allowed to do this though, but Drew tells you how to block them if you would like. He admits that he messes with them if they call him and asks you what you do when you have to deal with a robocall. David from Chicago got a call from someone claiming that they were from Microsoft, and so he pretended to be an older person to tease them.