The Drew Mariani Show August 9th – Hour 2

  • Lift up this Chaplet for someone you know who is away from the faith, and remember that His grace and mercy is always there and can be poured out on you and your loved ones. Jesus said that He would give special blessings to anyone who spread devotion to His mercy, so Drew encourages you to tell at least one person about the Chaplet, prayed every weekday at 4 ET/1 PT on the air.
  • Dr. Dermott Mullan is a Catholic astronomer who joins Drew this hour to give you insight on why a sun probe is being conducted. He said they plan to look at a part of the sun that isn’t even visible, and this probe will be 20 times closer to the sun than we are. Could you even imagine doing that? “No detector has ever gone in,” he adds. Dr. Mullen also tells you about a meteor shower called the Perseid shower. The peak will be happening on August 12th, and the best time to see it will be after midnight. He anticipates that it will be especially enjoyable this year due to the fact that there won’t be a moon.
  • Get a sneak peak into the QAnon conspiracy. It’s something that has been covered by ABC Nightline, so Drew plays you a part of that report. If you have watched some of the recent Trump rallies, you might have noticed that some are wearing a Q shirt or holding a sign making reference to QAnon. What is it all about? Does the president know about it? Get connected to what is happening.