The Joe Sikorra Show, August 9, 2018 – Hour 2

On today’s show:

  • Joe speaks about attitudes that encourage self-sabotage. Caller: I thought I was a confident man. My daughter moved away and I was fine, but when she got married, I started to “mourn.”
  • Do you keep telling yourself, “If only…” Do you look to something in your past and think that if only this was different that you’d be happy? Caller: I am struggling with self-confidence. I’ve moved out recently at 18 years old. I’ve been making mistakes. I feel like the small guy when I’m with my friends. Joe: you may have some false expectations about life. Joe tells about how his confidence grew as he grew a little bit older. Caller: I haven’t spoken to my parents for a long time. My wife wasn’t very close with my sister, so she didn’t give her a place in the wedding. I was thrown out of the house. We are about to have a baby.
  • Caller: I am a social worker and therapist. I lack confidence and I have been working on being more assertive. I feel like I’m not being compensated fairly.