The Patrick Madrid Show: August 7, 2018 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Steve thinks that the change to the catechism was a timely distraction from the McCarrick scandals plaguing the church now
  • Caller: Joe is frustrated. Isn’t the fact that the Pope’s statement is in the Catechism mean that it is doctrine?
  • Caller: Dana thinks the Pope could have made this statement referring to other countries where the death penalty is more practiced
  • Caller: Anita is so irritated about the outcry over the death penalty
  • Caller: Joe talks about the death penalty during world war II and the ends justifying the means
  • Caller: Charlie says this discussion reminds him of incest. Incest used to be acceptable in Adam and Eve’s time, but not anymore.
  • Caller: Connor calls to mind a statement made by a criminal on death row: “the state can have my body but it cannot have my soul”
  • Caller: Eva says the media goes out of its way to create drama around anything the pope says. Pope JPII witnessed the Nazis, Pope Francis witnessed similar injustice in Argentina.