Father Simon Says for September 25, 2018

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the meaning of sacrifice and how Jesus honored the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Email Question- How do I explain God allowing natural disasters to my child?

Email Question- What should I do if I think that the devil is oppressing me?

Email Question- How can I convince my sister to not be cremated and have her ashes scattered?

Email Comment- People shouldn’t take the first nine books of the Bible as science.

Email Question- I am divorced, but was baptized after my divorce. Do I need an annulment?

Caller Question- Is the word “dirt” in Genesis and “dirt” in the Gospels the same word?

Caller Question- If God knows everything, why did He test Abraham to see if he would sacrifice his son?

Word of the Day- Mocker.

Caller Question- Where did Jesus get His genetic makeup?

Email Comment- The phrase “Building up the Kingdom” is in the Bible.