How You Can Join the Battle of Spiritual Warfare

When you look around the world, and even our Church, over the past decades we can see the devastating effects that the devil caused – allowing evil to flourish in so many aspects of society. But in this ongoing spiritual warfare, we know that the Lord is powerful and has already won the victory over sin and death.

But with the devil making significant gains, how can we fight back? Fr. Rick Heilman stopped by The Inner Life® to discuss spiritual warfare, and to tell listeners about the Rosary Coast to Coast, an event that he is calling “the D-Day of spiritual warfare. Fr. Heilman said:

“The army that will stand up and face these demonic forces will be the army of faithful Catholics. In other words, people who actually believe in the supernatural power of God. Why? Because this is the only power that can stand against these forces.

These are the people, too, who want to be more tuned in. They want to know what the devil is up to, on the one hand, and what we’re doing about it, on the other hand. They are engaged, is what I am saying here. … This is the army that God needs to use to stand against the forces of the devil.

By the grace of God, over the last three years we have actually put together an enormous army. It started out in 2016 with a novena for our nation. We put a call out on social media … and one of the great weapons we’re using is the 54-day Rosary novena. And our numbers have swelled to over 60,000. And those are just those receiving the e-mails. Many others are just going onto social media to get the prayers and reflections for each day.

But it’s all leading up to October 7th. What’s happened this year is that this army has swelled even more because on October 7th we have 700-800 sites throughout the United States, where people are going to gather in public places, and sometimes in churches, and we are going to pray together. I am calling this the D-Day of spiritual warfare.

People are going to do different things – adoration, maybe a procession, speakers, whatever they might come up with. But the only thing we are asking is that, collectively, at 3:00 p.m. Central/4:00 p.m. Eastern/2:00 p.m. Mountain/1:00 p.m. Pacific this mighty force pray the Glorious Mysteries together. And we are calling on St. Michael, his army of angels, and Our Lady to crush the head of the serpent, for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It’s also a prayer of reparation in our times.

Satan, for 100 years has been eating our lunch. Why? Because we, by and large, denied the supernatural power of God. … Satan was eating our lunch, doing whatever he wanted, because the only force capable of standing against him was set aside. We were standing naked on the battlefield – no spiritual armor, no spiritual weapons. And Satan just laughed at us and did whatever he wanted.

Here’s the difference. Collectively, and mainly from the laity … they are standing up and saying, ‘We do believe in the supernatural power of God. We do believe in the Rosary. We do believe that when we call out to God He will answer our prayers. And so we are going to stand now and get in this war. We are not going to let Satan eat our lunch anymore.’ And collectively we’re saying ‘We’re going in.'”

Listen to the full conversation below and find out more about the Rosary Coast to Coast and how you can join on October 7th:

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