The Drew Mariani Show September 13th – Hour 3

  • Choosing life despite the most gut wrenching circumstances is at the heart of a powerful story, a story named “The Miracle Baby Thomas Story.” Hear this amazing story of a family that chose life over abortion with their son Thomas who was born at only 22 weeks. Doctors and nurses didn’t believe that he would survive so they recommended aborting him, and yet despite a million to one odds, he’s perfectly healthy. His story has since been made into a short film by Cindy and John Morales and they give you the latest on the story and the power of choosing life over death. John and Cindy Morales are using their platform to counteract the #ShoutYourAbortion movement; it’s called #ShoutMyStoryOrg, in which they highlight powerful stories such as that of Baby Thomas. Be sure to share the movement online!
  • A new study finds that many baby boomers are getting divorced! Why is that? Why are couples who have been married for 35, 45, or even 50 years calling it quits? Professor Teresa Collett has investigated this, and you can read her article here. She joins Drew to offer counsel and support to Wendy who is going through a divorce. She has been married for more than 30 years, but her husband has said he isn’t happy and wants to leave. Prof. Collett says that this man is chasing happiness and not finding it in God. She recommends the book, “Hold Me Tight,” which talks about the need for love and intimacy. The ministry called Retrouvaille is also mentioned which can help marriages in trouble. Their website is here.