The Drew Mariani Show September 14th – Hour 3

  • Have you ever wondered if a person is born “gay?” Could they have this identity from their DNA or is it something that is picked up over time? Studies have shown conflicting evidence, but Dr. Joseph Nicolosi explains to Drew that same-sex attraction often occurs because young boys were not able to receive appropriate affirmation from other men, and so they feel as if they are lacking in their masculinity. Dr. Nicolosi works with men to help them refrain their mind and experience. He encourages them to realize that they are “good enough” and that they don’t need to “sexualize” what was lacking in their childhood. More information about his work here.
  • Kick back and enjoy the start to the weekend with Happy Hour! Drew, Wendy, Nick, and Jake share jokes, talk about funny stories in drive thru lines, and Nick shares his engagement story! He talks about how scared he was to ask her dad permission, and thankfully both him and his girlfriend said yes! Drew asks if most people call their “in-laws” by their first name or ‘mom’ and ‘dad.” Callers share what they call their in-laws.