The Drew Mariani Show September 18th – Hour 1

  • Do you feel like the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have become a circus? Just days before voting on the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, a former high school classmate of Kavanaugh, has accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault, claiming that Kavanaugh assaulted her back in high school at a party. Kavanaugh has denied all wrong doing in the accusation. As of right now, Kavanaugh has agreed to testify that he is innocent of these accusations, while Christine Ford is unwilling to testify about her accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. Carrie Severino gives you the latest on the controversy surrounding the hearings and what you should expect to see over the next few days.
  • What do you think about the US China trade war? The Chinese government said Tuesday that it would impose tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion following the Trump administration’s announcement that it was hitting $200 billion worth of Chinese goods with new tariffs.  More than 5,000 US goods will be affected, including meat, nuts, alcoholic drinks, chemicals, clothes, machinery, furniture and auto parts. Tori Whiting explains the latest on the US China trade war and tells you what to expect and how it might impact you.
  • Do you know about the international week of prayer and fasting? September 29 marks the 26 year of the international week of prayer and fasting and ends on October 7th. Mark Chapter 9 tells us of the story of The Healing of a Boy with a Mute Spirit. The story surrounds a boy possessed by a demon, and Jesus disciples attempting to cast it out. When they are unable to, Jesus casts it out himself. Confused, the disciples ask why they were unable to to cast the demon out, and Jesus in verse 29 says, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting”. Join your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for a week of prayer and fasting to draw closer to your faith and love of Christ.