The Patrick Madrid Show: Sept. 14, 2018 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Ted asked an evil spirit to permeate his being. He had a physical, sexual relationship with a male spirit. Patrick says he needs an exorcism immediately
  • Caller: Bill knows a young innocent boy at church who has visions of angels who surround the priest.
  • Caller: Daniella used tarot cards a lot recently. She was listening to her usual radio station but it kept cutting out and going to Relevant Radio. She heard a prayer. She threw the cards out.
  • Caller: Susan put blessed salt in all her windows
  • Caller: Jim can sense spirits and he has correctly described someone he knew nothing about. Patrick suggests an evil spirit could give him information
  • Caller: Denise put her daughter under Our Lady’s mantle and years later when her daughter was at a psychic reading, the psychic asked if her mother had died. She could not get a clear reading on her.
  • Caller: Nancy says St. Joseph is the “Terror of Demons” and she asks if she can bless her whole apartment building