The Drew Mariani Show October 10th – Hour 1

  • Have you been following the latest on Hurricane Michael? The storm is supposed to be between 9-14 ft. high and could affect those on higher ground. Officials are already saying it could be as bad as Hurricane Katrina. Mike Maguire updates you on this hurricane and says this storm is unprecedented for the Florida panhandle within the past 150 years and will make history. Heavy rains will not be the actual threat, he says; rather, the harsh winds.
  • Drew also discusses the impact of climate change. Is this a myth or could it actually be contributing to these hurricanes? The UN report on climate change has found that it is of urgent concern and global leaders should take action. Mike Maguire disagrees and explains why he believes that this phenomenon is being blown up far too much. He says the climate always changes; there is also global warming. However, it is not in the narrative that the media suggests.
  • Taylor Swift is a celebrity who has historically kept quiet on political matters. However, she recently spoke out on her Instagram page and declared she will be voting for Democrats in her state in the upcoming midterm election. She has called on her young following to do the same, and some suggest that this has led to a surge in democratic poll numbers. One such CNN poll claims that democrats have a wide margin in lead against Republican Congressmen. Hans von Spakovsky chimes in on the upcoming midterms and speculates how much Swift and other political nuances could affect the votes in a few weeks.