The Drew Mariani Show October 10th – Hour 2

  • There is so much political turmoil in the world today. Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed and helpless? It is so important to take a step back and turn to God; He can be our rock in hard times, and continually flood you with mercy and hope. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with Drew and reset your spiritual life.
  • Are you concerned to hear that the Dow has dropped over 800 points over the past 24 hours or so? The NASDEQ lost more than 4 percent of its value; what is the cause of this? Chris Markowski joins Drew to calm your nerves and remind you that stocks are simply readjusting. He says he is not concerned about this plunge whatsoever, and remains confident that the economy is doing well.
  • Do you hear some headlines and often wonder if they are actually true? In this world of “fake news,” it is easy to be gullible and led to believe false headlines. Play “Fact or Fiction” with Drew and Neil and guess which news stories are false! One such headline reads “Pokémon has satanic roots.” Do you think this is true! Listen in to find out!