The Drew Mariani Show October 10th – Hour 3

  • Health experts are finding that men’s sperm counts are dropping. Why does this seem to be a trend and what is the cause? Dr. John Littell cites marijuana use, but also says that our society needs to realize how devastating contraception has been. “We are seeing the effects,” he says. It was the sexual revolution’s motive to reduce family size, and we are simply getting what they set out to obtain. The WHO is still concerned about population control for some reason, and we need to place the drop in sperm count as a higher priority than climate change. Drew also asks if coffee can lower sperm count, and Dr. Littell says he has not seen any evidence.
  • Has the church crisis affected your faith? Are you concerned about priests who are abusing and choosing to live a homosexual lifestyle? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons tells Drew that homosexuality is indeed the root cause of the scandal, and that priests need to start cracking down on this issue without denying the evidence. He says that he does not buy the claim that clericalism has led to this abuse. What do you think? Do you agree with his insight? Listen in to this conversation and remember that this is all coming to the surface now, and the Lord will always be in control.