The Drew Mariani Show October 11th – Hour 3

  • Did you hear that Blessed Oscar Romero will be canonized on Oct.14th? You might know very little about Archbishop Romero, but he was a shy, sickly man who faced the pressure to protect his flock against the military of El Salvador. He was unfortunately shot down by a sniper while saying Mass because he was criticizing the government, and is being remembered to this day for his courage. Paulist Productions produced a movie highlighting his life, and it is being digitally re-mastered leading up to his canonization. Hear from Mike Sullivan, the president of Paulist Productions, who shares more of his legacy.
  • How often do you use your cellphone? Many people today are on their phones constantly, and a lot of that is due to a shift in the culture and technology. Your phone is now basically a computer that you can put into your pocket. Phone speeds and the internet speeds they run on are getting faster and faster. Your phone is now about to be even faster as the 5G era of phone networks is about to be released. They say that 5G networks run 100x faster than the current 4G networks. This all sounds great right? Well like most things, bad comes with the good. Many fear the health implications that might come with the 5G network. Dr. Martin Pall gives you the latest on the new 5G network and what kind of health concerns might arise from the new network.