The Drew Mariani Show October 12th – Hour 1

  • Drew revisits a conversation he had with Dr. Greg Bottaro about a popular Netflix show called 13 Reasons Why. It highlights a teen suicide that happens which then goes into detail as to why this character felt she had to take her life, including being subjected to bullying. While Dr. Bottaro admits it does tackle this controversial subject, he warns parents that it glamourizes this horrific act and tries to tell teens that they should not turn to authority when facing depression or other mental illness. He encourages you as a parent to never give up when it comes to reaching out to your child. It may not seem like it, but they truly do crave your life and affection.
  • Do you use social media? Are you someone who takes selfies? Do you try to perfect your selfie, or is one enough? Do you make alterations to your selfie to make it look better? This is a growing issue among millennials and many young people are even asking to have plastic surgery to make them look more like the selfie filters. Younger people no longer like how they look without the changes from the filters they use and it is leading to lower self esteem. Dr. Meg Meeker explains the growing selfie alteration trend and shares how you can teach your kids to love themselves without the selfie filters.